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Our Services

At our company, we believe in providing exceptional data pipeline solutions while honoring the wisdom of our Indigenous ancestors. Our unique approach integrates Indigenous knowledge and practices (kilo) as we strive to provide customized solutions that align with the needs of our clients.

We start by listening. We want to know the things that work for you, the processes that plague you, and what you want your world to look like. How do you want to tell your story? What do we need to get you there? We work with you to architect a plan for your data that will live on long after our time together. 

Our work is designed to unburden your data management practices while honing the power that data has to transform your community and affect positive change. We want to empower you to make smart decisions that foster collaboration, transparency, accountability, and align with your values and aspirations. Join us.

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Process Design

Be it a process for your required reporting, team communications, or file management, we can help. We love taking messy or non-existent processes and creating a structure that is flexible enough for you to work with, but rigid enough to derive useful outcomes.

Data Collection and Analysis

Collecting data can be time-consuming and rife with bias. Our unique approach integrates rigorous analysis and Indigenous methodologies to create a more honest approach to analytics. We employ multiple research techniques to secure the data you need and seek the answers you want. Most importantly, our education-first approach gives you the power to transform your relationship with your data and your community. 

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Data Visualization

Your data hide a story. We want to help you find it. We use a number of tools to help you clean your data and prepare it to share with the world. Whether it be through interactive visualizations, dashboards, or regular reports, we want to help you tell your stories.

Systems Configuration

Your data need a way to talk to each other. We can find that way. If you have multiple systems that house your data, but no clarity on how best to manage them, we can configure your systems to capture the data you need and share your insights with you when you need them, how you need them.

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Media Services

With over 10 years of multi-media experience, we can help you take your stories to the next level. We work with you from start to finish. From determining your audience and engagement goals to creating a media segment to share with the world, we can help you bring your vision to life. Let us help you grow your presence. 

Book a Complimentary Consultation

Curious about where you fit in? Book a complimentary 40 minute consultation and learn about how we can kōkua (help) you on your data journey.

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